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4 Tips For Spa Owners That Can Drastically Improve There Website’s And User Experience

You Need Backend Access For Your Website and Here’s Why:

More and more small businesses are making the move from static html-based websites, to WordPress. The causes for this particular development are simple. As the internet has grown and evolved, businesses and organizations of sizes are finding it essential to be able to add and edit content of their websites easily and quickly, without having to rely on a designer.

Here are some reasons why spa owner should switch to WordPress platform website

  • Google loves WordPress websites. Since they may be updated more frequently, as well as the content has a tendency to be structured nicely, you may get a WordPress site rank quite fast compared to a static website. Google has even gone on record as advocating WordPress.
  • WordPress is supported by a blooming, engaged community. A current study estimates that WordPress runs around 25% of the websites on the Internet. There are tens of thousands of designers, developers and enthusiasts out there to assist should you get stuck or run into any issue with your website.
  • WordPress has thousands of Themes for you to choose from, it also allow you to change or update your theme design of your website quickly and easily.
  • WordPress Plugins / Addons / extention allows you without understanding how to program you to extend the functionality of your WordPress site. There are over 10,000 and growing every day addons available that helps you add all kinds of functionality to your site, like social picture, media sharing, SEO slideshows, and much much much more. Possibilities are endless with WordPress Plugins.

      2. Spa Owners Have To Make Sure Is That Your Site Is Mobile Friendly and Here Is Why:

  • By now if your site is not mobile friendly most likely you will not rank very well if at all. There’s a huge increased average of time people spent on there phone searching than on regular computer or desktop.
  • Not having a mobile friendly website will kill any chance you’ve got of converting your website visitor into a customer.
  • As it’s all about time. There is a small period of time to catch a web site visitor’s focus. Because users are getting your web site while on an outing on the go this can be more so true for cellular devices. The content is written mobile friendly as well as if your visitor can easily browse your pages, you raise the opportunity for converting visitors into customers.

     3. Website Speed Matters

  • Enhancing your website’s page speed is likely to be advantageous for your own website’s positions on SERPs.
  • Your website’s bounce rate increase, in the event the contents of your site loads slow.
  • A page speed that is speedier increases your site’s rate of traffic conversions.
  • Having happy website visitors will increase the chance of having happy clients.